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January 2017 Archives

Brain injuries: Family of accident victim dreads the diagnosis

Motor vehicle accidents can cause tremendous suffering. When a minor accident occurs on a typically busy Ontario highway, there is always a chance that more serious accidents will result. This was the situation for a young man when the car in which he was riding became disabled in a hit-and-run. Brain injuries are common in high speed accidents, and this man's relatives wonder what will be his fate in addition to his other catastrophic injuries.

Challenges of living with brain injuries

It is no secret that accidents can cause long-term problems for those who suffer injuries. This is particularly true of brain injuries, which can influence cognitive functioning, mobility and reasoning on a variety of levels. Comparatively little is understood about the brain, even in the modern era, which makes living with a brain injury even more of a challenge. 

Car accidents major cause of brain injuries

Understanding the impact on the bodies of vehicle occupants may explain the severe consequences of many car accidents. It may be interesting for Ontario residents to learn that automobile accidents are responsible for a significant percentage of permanent brain injuries. Reportedly, crashes follow closely behind falls as primary causes of traumatic brain injury.

Predicting long-term symptoms in postconcussion syndrome

The findings of a new Toronto study of the symptoms of postconcussion syndrome, known as PCS, show a correlation between the number of symptoms and the length of time it takes to recover from the syndrome. We support such research, as the better doctors can predict the future course of brain injuries, the better the evidence available to lawyers and courts for use in assessing adequate money damages to cover future long-term care in personal injury suits. 

Brain injuries can have long-term consequences

Being in a car accident is already a terrifying prospect for most people. Despite the best efforts of Ontario police forces, sometimes drivers still make bad decisions and end up hurting others, and what's more, the nature of the justice system is such that these drivers are not always taken to task by criminal charges for these errors. This is why people who suffer from debilitating injuries, including brain injuries, must be given the opportunity to seek justice for the damages they suffer. 

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