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February 2017 Archives

Brain injuries: The long-term impact on victims and loved ones

Victims of car accidents in Ontario often suffer long-term consequences of their injuries. Those with traumatic brain injuries will experience the severe impact on their daily lives, and the lives of their loved ones. The severity of a TBI will determine the long-term effects -- a mild injury may resolve in time while a severe one can bring about permanent changes.

Man suffers brain injuries in drunk driving accident

The family of a man who was seriously injured in a drunk driving accident two years ago says the punishment does not fit the crime in the sentencing of the other driver. The victim, now 21, suffered severe brain injuries that have left him unable to care for himself. The juvenile drunk driver charged with the crime was sentenced to probation and community service on Feb. 13, in an Ontario court. The family believes the court was too lenient, which may mean they could pursue further legal action in a civil courtroom.

Brain injuries: Choking on popcorn leads to suit against Cineplex

An Ontario man recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Cineplex. The man alleges the cinema chain is responsible for brain injuries and other permanent damage he suffered when he choked on popcorn in 2009. He claims the Ontario facility's employees failed to take proper action when he struggled to breathe.

Victims of brain injuries can rely on skilled legal counsel

Head injuries can have devastating, life-changing consequences -- even if they seem insignificant at first. When someone's head hits a windshield in a car accident or is knocked while playing sports, injuries often result. Brain injuries include concussions that vary in severity from mild to traumatic. Sadly, this can happen to anyone in Ontario at any given time.

Brain Injuries: Assault at school sends student to the hospital

Thousands of Ontario residents suffer head injuries every year. Any knock to the head can cause brain injuries, and in many incidents, the negligence of other parties caused the injuries. While automobile accidents and workplace accidents are the most frequent causes of traumatic brain injury, incidents such as assault can also cause it.

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