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March 2017 Archives

Brain injuries and concussions can cause long absences from work

Ontario workers who have suffered head injuries may not realise how this could affect their safety at work. While concussions and traumatic brain injuries are often associated with sports injuries and vehicle accidents, many such injuries occur at work. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board records show 1,644 Ontario workers claimed time off work after suffering head injuries in 2012.

Study shows brain injuries in kids take longer to heal

Victims of traumatic brain injuries in Ontario might be interested in a recent small study involving TBI, which is one of the leading causes of disability in kids. One aspect that complicates many issues is the difficulty in predicting the long-term outcome. Any additional knowledge learned about this issue may also allow doctors to adjust treatment methods to more aggressive approaches when necessary. However, without accurate information that can allow proper prognosis, treatment of brain injuries will remain ambiguous.

Brain injuries affect victims and their families

Some might think that famous people or celebrities who suffer traumatic injuries are not as severely affected as ordinary citizens are, while the truth is that such an injury can be devastating to anybody. In Ontario and elsewhere, the lifetime financial costs of brain injuries can add up to millions of dollars. While some victims may be able to establish alternative careers, others have to fight for every bit of relief that might ease their burdens.

Brain injuries caused during birth may lead to legal claim

The birth of a child in Ontario is normally anticipated with high expectations. Sometimes, however, things can go wrong. A difficult birth can result in brain injuries that are grouped under the collective term of cerebral palsy. This affects the brain functions and body movements of a baby. An injury during labour or insufficient oxygen supply to the child's brain before, during or after the birth can cause cerebral palsy.

Brain injuries and PTSD can go hand-in-hand

Anyone in Ontario or elsewhere who experiences or witnesses an extremely traumatic event may suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome, especially if the incident involves severe injury or another person's death. Something that causes intense horror, fear or powerlessness, even if the individual cannot remember the details of the event, can lead to PTSD. Sometimes, individuals who suffer other injuries such as traumatic brain injuries may develop the symptoms of PTSD at the same time.

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