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September 2017 Archives

Innovative Bauer Sports Gear Aims To Reduce Brain Injuries

A new piece of sports equipment has been designed specifically to reduce brain injuries in athletes. Bauer Hockey – a Canadian sports apparel brand – will begin selling the product, which studies have shown restricts movement around the brain after heavy impact to the head.

Brain Injuries suspected after pedestrian accident

Ontario pedestrians will always be vulnerable because many vehicle operators fail to keep a proper lookout for them. Motorists typically benefit from the protection of enclosed vehicles with airbags, seat belts and crumple zones, none of which protect pedestrians. Although there are laws by which both pedestrians and vehicle operators must abide, the lack of protection makes pedestrians more susceptible to severe harm such as brain injuries.

Children can suffer brain injuries in unmaintained playgrounds

Hospital injury data in Canada show that approximately 28,500 children are treated for injuries suffered in playgrounds every year, including in Ontario. The injuries range from bruises and bone fractures to spinal cord injuries and serious head trauma. The researchers report that the rate of traumatic brain injuries that are treated in emergency departments annually has shown a significant increase between 2005 and 2013. An Emergency physician in Toronto at the Hospital for Sick Children says TBI is a public health burden.

Brain injuries: Lawsuits may need special support and guidance

Injuries caused by the negligence of others is not something wished upon anybody. If it involves brain injuries, pursuing recovery of damages may be extra challenging. Victims of brain injuries in Ontario may not realize that they will most likely need the support and guidance of legal counsel that is specifically experienced in protecting the rights of TBI victims. It is not uncommon for a lawyer who does not typically deal with these types of cases to not fully understand the long-term consequences of traumatic brain injuries.

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