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October 2017 Archives

Coach stops game after 9 football players suffer brain injuries

With more and more information becoming available about the damage young people can suffer during sports activities, Ontario parents might applaud the actions of a high school football coach in another province. When nine players showed concussion symptoms like headaches and vomiting at halftime of one game, they were rushed to a hospital, and the coach suspended the game to prevent further brain injuries. A researcher linked to the Canadian Concussion Collaborative agrees with the decision of the coach.

What social media precautions should an injury claimant take?

Being involved in a car accident is a stressful experience. Victims are often most focused on recovering from their physical and psychological injuries while also worrying about how they are going to pay for damage to their vehicles and how they can make up for lost income. Filing a personal injury claim is often the best way of ensuring that accident victims can cover these unexpected costs. However, claimants are often unprepared for some of the things that can go wrong when filing a claim, including with the impact social media posts can have on their claim. Below is a look at how social media can affect a personal injury lawsuit and how claimants can deal with this risk. 

Dentist accused of causing 5-year-old child's brain injuries

Medical professionals in Ontario and other provinces must provide care to patients that would not put their welfare on the line. A dentist is accused by the Dental Association and College in another province of causing traumatic brain injuries when he anesthetized a 5-year-old patient and failed to take proper care. The dentist, who is facing charges of unprofessional conduct, was apparently not a dental surgeon and anesthesiologist as he claimed, but only a general dentist.

Victims of brain injuries deserve someone to fight for them

Back in Sept. 2011, the coaches of the Gaiters forced a young player to continue playing despite signs of a concussion. These were allegations made by the player who is now 27 years old. The consequences of those alleged orders included traumatic brain injuries that led to a lawsuit against a university in another province, and the ultimate settlement was reached on the day scheduled for the start of the trial. The following may inspire victims of brain injuries in Ontario to also pursue financial relief.

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