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Study Reveals Professional Challenges For Brain Injury Sufferers

In a recent study titled “Returning to Work Following Acquired Brain Injury” a focus group in Ottawa was surveyed about their professional experiences after suffering from a brain injury.

Returning to work after a brain injury is not always guaranteed. Long-term consequences should be discussed with a personal injury lawyer in order to explore options for adequate compensation.

Published by The Ontario Brain Injury Association, the study covered many different struggles of returning to work for both brain injury sufferers and their employers. However, two main conclusions were evident based on the responses from the participants in the study:

  1. Pressure to return to work: Many brain injury sufferers felt pressured to go back to work sooner rather than later. Some of this was self-inflicted – sufferers wanted to get back to their regular lifestyle and routine as soon as possible. For others, the pressure was external. Employers and insurance providers were described as wanting the employee back to work as soon as possible.

In both circumstances, it’s important to understand returning to work is not up to you or your employer. It’s up to your health. And it’s only after a discussion with your doctor that you will discover when you are physically and mentally able to return to work.

  1. Accepting job changes and new industries: Many of the participants in the study described modifying their former duties with their employers. Examples include changes to their hours, output and workload. Others participants reported they had to accept the fact they could not return to their previous jobs.

In both scenarios the study reported the faster that brain injury sufferers accepted these changes, the more confident they felt about their performance. Those who had to find a new industry or new source of income admitted the sooner they accepted the new status quo, the better they felt about whatever new role they chose.

A personal injury firm can help you protect your rights in the event your brain injury prevents you from returning your former job in the same capacity. The lawyers will be able to advise you on options for claiming compensation, loss of future income and how to provide for dependants.

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