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December 2017 Archives

Mountie awarded over $700,000 for on-the-job brain injuries

On Feb. 15, 2011, a police officer who headed up a Royal Canadian Mountie Police detachment's drug unit in another province was involved in a motor vehicle crash. He also played a role in undercover investigations across the country, including in Ontario. On that day he was heading to a secret drop location when a collision caused him to suffer brain injuries. The events of that day ultimately led to a court recently awarding him more than $700,000 in monetary damages.

Living with traumatic brain injuries

Following a head injury, life may never be the same -- not for the victim nor his or her loved ones. Although it is possible to recover damages through the Ontario civil justice system if brain injuries were cause by another party's negligence, victims are hardly ever able to anticipate the full extent of their losses at the time of the lawsuit. The physical and mental effects may continue to affect the victim's life long after the injury was suffered, and new symptoms could even develop.

Brain Injuries affect victims and caregivers alike

Most people in Ontario might find it difficult to imagine being a competent, healthy person one day, and having to relearn to walk, talk, eat, and more the following day. That is what brain injuries do to people, and authorities say TBI is an epidemic in Canada. In many cases a victim's injuries resulted from another party's negligence, and recovering all the damages caused is almost impossible.

Brain injuries might be spotted sooner with new device

An Ontario entrepreneur was inspired by Rowan's Law to develop a device to detect concussions in hockey players and other sports people. She wants any signs of brain injuries to be identified sooner than relying on spotters or other methods. This law was unanimously passed after a 17-year-old Ottawa rugby player suffered a concussion and was then sent back onto the field too soon. He suffered a second blow to the head and died a week later.

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