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January 2018 Archives

Several agencies form group to teach parents about brain injuries

The risks Ontario youth face during participation in some sports activities have been the subject of many conversations among authorities and parents alike. The Concussion Orientation for Parents of Active Youth (COPAY) was recently established to create awareness and provide parents with the tools and knowledge they need to recognize concussions as brain injuries and know what steps to take when such injuries occur. It is vital that the correct decisions be made immediately after a child suffers a brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries are exactly that -- traumatic

Many injuries follow acute events, and although they may be severe, most injuries heal eventually. Brain injuries also follow such incidents, but they are often life-changing. People in Ontario who have loved ones that suffered traumatic brain injuries will know that there is a perfect reason for brain injuries to be called traumatic. It is because the consequences of these injuries are typically extremely traumatic for the victim and his or her friends and family.

Brain injuries changed the life of Ontario singer-songwriter

An Ontario singer-songwriter and musician urges bicycle riders to wear helmets. The Windsor-born resident of Walkerville believes she might have escaped traumatic brain injuries had she worn a helmet on the day in June 2016 when she crashed. She explains how her life has changed after that day of which she remembers nothing.

Fatal brain injuries might have caused pedestrian's death

Pedestrians on the streets of cities in Ontario will always be vulnerable, particularly after dark. When pedestrians are struck, brain injuries are often the result, and, in many cases, victims do not survive. Brain injuries typically have an adverse effect on the lives of victims and their loved ones. The trauma to the loved ones can be exacerbated if the injuries turn out to be fatal.

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