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Post-traumatic amnesia -- a typical consequence of brain injuries

The severity of damage caused in accidents is not always immediately evident. This also applies to brain injuries, of which the level of damage depends on the area of the brain that is injured along with the severity of the swelling that happens. Although doctors in Ontario and elsewhere rely on tests like EEGs and CT Scans to determine the damage done to the brain, they can never predict how long a patient will take to recover.

Which brain injuries are acquired and which are congenital?

Participants in various types of contact sports in Ontario are at risk of suffering head injuries. However, brain injuries can have other causes, and not all of them follow head trauma. Those that are caused by a blow to the head are called acquired brain injuries, and they can follow car accidents, falls or assaults.

Brain injuries will affect normal schedules and responsibilities

A non-profit organization recently hosted a workshop in Toronto to help head-injury victims to understand why self-care is essential during the recovery time. An occupational therapist said those who suffered brain injuries typically find it extremely challenging to get their lives back into a familiar routine. She emphasized that each brain injury is unique, and recovery times vary. However, because TBI is mostly invisible to others, adults and adolescents are often expected to get back into their usual schedules and responsibilities.

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