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April 2020 Archives

Slips, trips and falls could cause brain Injuries

Reportedly, 60,000 workers in Ontario and across the country suffer slips, trips and falls each year, most of which are same-level falls. However, a large number of falls are not work-related. Dangerous conditions and circumstances cause thousands of people to fall in shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants and on stairways, sidewalks and exterior walkways. Slips, trips and falls are the primary cause of brain injuries.

The role of auto accidents in traumatic brain injuries

Car accidents in Ontario often cause bone fractures and other injuries that are apparent and treated immediately. However, brain injuries are not always visible and may go unnoticed at first, especially when victims decline trips to the hospital. When there's mo obvious damage to the skull, brain injury symptoms could remain hidden for days or weeks. When discovered later on, they might not even be linked to the auto accident.

Brain injuries: How safe is your child in day care?

Parents in Ontario and elsewhere entrust their toddlers to day care providers. Taking care of children is a significant responsibility, exacerbated by the fact that children are little explorers who will climb and run with total disregard to injury risks. Without proper supervision, children risk falls that could cause serious harm, including brain injuries.

Brain injuries are common consequences of car accidents

Motor vehicle accidents in Ontario and other provinces have left many people with life-changing injuries. Many are the result of distracted driving. When someone combines driving with eating, talking and/or texting at the same time, cognitive impairment occurs. These kinds of distractions are typically due to the brain being bombarded with too much information to process at a particular moment. Sadly, the result is a serious accident, often causing brain injuries or other serious consequences for victims. 

What is it really like to live with traumatic brain injuries?

The Brain Injury Society of Toronto reminds people that accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Traumatic brain injuries are often the result, and along with the victims, the consequences affect their communities, including family members, friends and caregivers. Surviving brain injury victims often become isolated while dealing with emotional, behavioural and physical changes and challenges.

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