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May 2020 Archives

Brain injuries can have long-term health consequences

The list of potential injuries that car accidents in Ontario could cause is endless. Some victims recover soon while the lives of others will never be the same. Brain injuries are unpredictable, and their consequences are unique for each car accident victim. As the financial consequences could be significant, it's generally wise to gain clarity about how the brain injuries will affect the car accident victim in the future before agreement to a settlement for personal injuries.

Severe brain injuries and their impact on a victim's life

Neurological damage to the brain causes physiological changes. Understandably, severe brain injuries impact the life of the victim. The extent of the injuries will depend on the location of the damage to brain cells. Ontario victims of severe brain injuries in car accidents or other incidents that resulted from another party's negligence might have grounds to take legal steps for the recovery of monetary damages.

Acquired brain injuries affects millions of victims, families

Although brain injury awareness is promoted during June each year, this silent epidemic deserves increased attention throughout the year. According to Brain Injury Canada, 1.5 million people in Ontario and other provinces live with the consequences of acquired brain injuries. Furthermore, each year about 160,000 more Canadians suffer traumatic brain injuries.

Recover damages after brain injuries and concussions

Reportedly, approximately 150,000 people in Ontario and across Canada suffer head trauma each year. Every 3 minutes somebody suffers brain injuries, and it could be many more because some concussion victims do not seek medical care. Thus, those cases are not included in public health statistics.

Brain injuries and rehabilitation are unique for each victim

When Ontario residents are involved in accidents that cause head trauma, they might need extensive rehabilitation, which could also be life-altering. Traumatic brain injuries are unique to each victim, and therefore, treatment is based upon the severity of the injury and area of the brain that was affected. The manner in which it affects the lives of each victim and his or her family members is also unique.

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