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August 2020 Archives

Traumatic brain injuries cause concussions

Statistics show that more than 200,000 Canadians suffer concussions each year. Authorities say concussions are the primary cause of disability in Ontario and other provinces. Traumatic brain injuries cause them, and even if the victim does not lose consciousness, the trauma can still affect the brain. Some of the symptoms may escape recognition because they can be subtle.

Brain injuries: Alcohol consumption a problem for students

The desire for young women to be accepted into campus sororities in Ontario could have life-long consequences. The previous belief that the most critical time for brain development is during infancy has made way for research results that indicate differently. Alcohol consumption at any age could damage the brain. Brain injuries caused by accidents are not the only way in which the brain can be damaged.

Brain injuries: Medical advice is crucial after concussion

In Toronto, victims of car accidents could be unaware of head trauma if there are no apparent injuries like penetration wounds to their heads. The whiplash motion of the head upon the impact of a collision can cause hidden brain injuries. The rapid backward and forward or side-to-side motion of the head causes the brain to smash into the skull. Different areas of the brain could be damaged, though not necessarily immediately evident.

Why are brain injuries often not immediately diagnosed?

Victims of car accidents or other tragedies in Ontario who suffered head trauma might not have concerning symptoms immediately. However, concussions can occur even without puncture wounds. Many people do not know that undiagnosed concussions could have life-altering health consequences. Immediately after an incident that caused brain trauma, medical examinations will focus on possible brain injuries. However, symptoms of concussions could begin surfacing after days or even weeks, by which time, they may not be linked to an accident.

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