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November 2020 Archives

Getting over brain injuries could require long-term therapy

A report by the McGill University Health Centre about its Critical Illness Recovery Program underscores how head trauma can change a victim's life. Victims of brain injuries in Ontario might be interested in a victim of such injuries in another province. A 54-year-old man landed in intensive care after taking a serious fall while riding his bicycle last July. He was in a coma from which he only awoke two weeks later, with no memory of what happened.

Brain injuries: Consequences can be temporary or permanent

When another person's negligence causes an accident that leaves a victim injured, it would only be natural for the injured person to want to hold someone responsible for financial and other damages. The Ontario civil justice system allows the filing of personal injury lawsuits. However, if the victim suffered head trauma, he or she might be wise not to rush with filing a claim. The reason is that the impact of brain injuries on the victim may not be immediately evident. The statute of limitations for filing personal injury claims in Ontario is two years from the date of discovering the full impact of the injuries.

Returning to recreational activities after brain injuries

Victims of accidents in Ontario may not immediately realize the severity of the injuries' impact on their lives following physical recovery. This applies especially to those who suffered brain injuries. Dealing with the consequences is made more difficult because each brain injury is unique, depending on the area of the brain that was damaged.

Cyclist's life forever changed after suffering brain injuries

When a 35-year-old driver received a 14-month jail sentence for disregarding a red light and not stopping after striking a cyclist in Ontario, many regarded the sentence inadequate. However, regardless of how the criminal court punished this driver, time behind bars could not help the victim of his negligent driving. The cyclist he struck suffered brain injuries that will affect him for the rest of his life.

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