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January 2021 Archives

Car accident leaves 2 sisters with life-changing brain injuries

Car accidents in Ontario and across the country happen when they are least expected, and they can change the lives of families in the blink of an eye. Car accidents are responsible for a significant percentage of brain injuries each year. Such an accident occurred in another province on Dec. 27 when a family of five exited the highway and stopped at a red traffic light. A catastrophic accident occurred when another vehicle smashed into their stationary car.

Symptoms of brain injuries might be misunderstood

Sometimes, car accident injuries remain hidden for some time. Victims of brain injuries suffered nationwide, including Ontario, might misunderstand the symptoms, especially if there is no skull penetration. Any forceful blow to the body or head that shakes or jars the brain could cause cell damage or bruising of the brain or cause the brain tissue to tear or swell. The sooner doctors diagnose brain injuries, the sooner treatment can commence.

Brain injuries are a whole lot more serious than seeing stars

According to statistics, 452 people in Canada, including Ontario, suffer serious brain injuries each day. That equals one victim every three minutes. Many people play down the seriousness of brain injuries by using euphemisms like "seeing stars" and "getting your bell rung." However, the consequences are typically severe enough to prevent almost all brain injury victims from returning to their full-time employment.

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