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Brain injuries trust receives $10,000 donation

BrainTrust Canada has found another partner in bringing awareness to issues related to TBI, which is a worthy cause across the country, including in Ontario. Preventing traumatic brain injuries has been the quest of BrainTrust for 30 years, with their focus on the youth who are most at risk. Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union, has teamed up with BrainTrust.

Living with memory loss caused by brain injuries

Everybody knows how frustrating it can be to forget something. It's hard to imagine what it would be like to live with memory loss every single day. Anybody in Ontario who has suffered brain injuries may know how challenging it can be to cope with dysfunctional short term memory. This is one of the most prevalent consequences of traumatic brain injuries.

Inquest into incident that caused fatal brain injuries scheduled

When patients suffer unexplained injuries at health facilities in Ontario and elsewhere, loved ones sometimes struggle to find out what happened. A woman in another province may finally learn what caused the fatal brain injuries that her partner suffered on a day in April 2016 while he was a patient in a forensic ward of a mental health centre. He succumbed to his injuries just more than two months later, and she was recently informed that there will now be an inquest into the incident.

Concussions are brain injuries that are often undiagnosed

There are several misconceptions about concussions. Medical professionals define concussions as traumatic brain injuries caused by blows, bumps or jolts of the heads or bodies of victims that make their brains move rapidly back and forth inside their skulls. Many TBIs in Ontario are missed in the diagnosis processes and go untreated every year because people think there must be head trauma to cause brain injuries. In fact, less than 10 percent of concussion victims become unconscious.

The classification of traumatic brain injuries

Any person in Ontario can suffer a knock to the head at any time -- whether in a car accident, slip- or trip-and-fall incident or another cause -- and it is more common than what most people may believe. A significant percentage of accidental deaths every year are caused by brain injuries. These can result from jolts, blows or bumps to the head, and also injuries that penetrate the skull. Brain injuries can occur in any age group, and it can affect from newborn babies to elderly citizens.

The changed life of a 21-year-old victim of brain injuries

Parents in Ontario will certainly empathize with the plight of a family in another province who has to cope with the multiple challenges of caring for a 21-year-old man who can no longer do anything for himself. This can happen to any family -- especially as long as there are motorists on the roads who choose to drive while intoxicated. It was a drunk teenage driver that turned the lives of this family upside down around Christmas in 2015 when he caused an accident that resulted in their son suffering traumatic brain injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries can create emotional rollercoaster

Car accidents in Ontario can cause catastrophic injuries, many of which have life-altering consequences. Traumatic brain injuries can be extremely difficult to understand because they are not visible but can devastate victims and their families. Along with the effects these injuries have on a victim's memory, thinking, communication and sensations, they also play a significant role in his or her emotional stability.

Recovery rate from brain injuries is unpredictable

Whenever lawsuits are filed in Ontario civil courts to pursue recovery of damages in accidents, determining the future damages is a complex process. This particularly applies when the victim suffered brain injuries. While recovery is based partly on the severity of the injuries, many other matters play roles in the healing process.

Brain injuries -- life goes on and bills accumulate

While negligent drivers often cause others to suffer catastrophic injuries, some medical professionals have also been accused of negligence that had life-changing consequences. Ontario residents may empathise with a family in another province whose young daughter's visit to a dentist for a tooth extraction left her with permanent brain injuries. Reportedly, her community arranged a fundraising dinner to help the family with ongoing expenses.

Ontario brain injuries: Focus on awareness in June

It has been suggested that a silent epidemic is killing and disabling people in Ontario and across Canada. Brain injuries are reportedly the primary cause of deaths and disabilities in individuals younger than the age of 44. Men are apparently twice as likely to suffer brain injuries, though the recovery time is longer for women than for men.

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