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Innovative Bauer Sports Gear Aims To Reduce Brain Injuries

A new piece of sports equipment has been designed specifically to reduce brain injuries in athletes. Bauer Hockey – a Canadian sports apparel brand – will begin selling the product, which studies have shown restricts movement around the brain after heavy impact to the head.

Some Torontonians call car-crash injury a public-health problem

Last week, the Toronto Star published an article describing a mind shift locally here in Toronto, across the country and even internationally about how we look at the problem of trauma, injury and death from motor-vehicle accidents. Broadly, many medical providers, infrastructure design experts, urban planners and government officials are switching from seeing injury from traffic accidents as a necessary byproduct of a modern road system to a preventable public-health issue. 

Last week was dangerous for Toronto pedestrians in traffic

At least 22 pedestrians were hit by motor vehicles in the GTA last Tuesday, December 6, according to the Toronto Star. A spokesman for the police department said he did not know the reason for the surge. Police reportedly issued an advisory to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to take extra care to avoid such crashes in the wet weather. 

Toronto has a serious problem with vehicular pedestrian accidents

Two major news organizations have recently looked in depth at Toronto pedestrian-accident data and the results are unsettling. Surprising results underscore the need for walkers and runners to proceed cautiously to avoid traffic and thereby collisions with moving vehicles

Vehicle accidents from distracted driving in Ontario

Someone in Ontario is hurt in a motor vehicle accident from distracted driving every 30 minutes, according to 2013 data from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Let the immensity of that number sink in: in 24 hours, that is about 48 distracted-driving crashes somewhere in the province — a staggering number. 

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