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What if employer's negligence causes worker's brain injuries?

Although most of Ontario's workers are eligible for workers' compensation benefits, an employer's gross negligence might give grounds for seeking additional damage recovery. An example is a case in which a worker suffered severe brain injuries in another province. Although the court fined the contractor and the construction company $40,000 each for noncompliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the victim will not benefit from those fines. In fact, the judge said no amount of compensation could make up for the case's tragedy.

Toronto doctor helps other victims of brain injuries

An article about a Toronto doctor who suffered severe injuries in a car accident in 2013 promotes the positive effect of aerobic exercise. Doctors decided to put the accident victim in a three-day-long induced coma due to the severity of his injuries. He explained how he took charge and recovered from traumatic brain injuries, so much so that he could continue his medical studies.

Brain injuries can be closed or open head injuries

Auto accidents, physical assaults, falls and sports-related accidents cause head injuries to thousands of people in Ontario and other provinces each year. The skull will prevent brain injuries in many cases, but brain damage can occur even without penetration. A hematoma refers to blood collecting or clotting in the brain, causing excessive pressure inside the skull. Loss of consciousness can follow, and it could lead to permanent damage to the brain.

The long-term consequences of brain injuries could be challenging

According to Brain Injury Canada, millions of people in Ontario and other provinces live with the day-to-day effects of acquired brain injury. ABI involves brain damage not linked to a degenerative or congenital disease but acquired after birth. Acquired brain injuries can happen after traumatic injuries, infectious diseases, oxygen deprivation of the brain, tumours, seizures, substance abuse or other toxic exposure.

Brain injuries leading cause of death in Canada

As part of an awareness campaign for disabilities, important statistics were recently reported. Brain injuries are reportedly the leading cause of disability and death in Canada, including Ontario. Alarmingly, more than 450 people in Canada suffer brain injuries each day. That means 165,000 brain injuries per year. It also equates to an average of one brain injury suffered every three minutes.

Car accident victims with brain injuries could recover damages

Victims of car accidents that resulted from another party's negligence might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the Ontario civil justice. An example of a successful lawsuit was recently reported in another province. That case followed a 2014 accident between a car and a tractor-trailer, leaving the car's driver with debilitating brain injuries.

Children's neck pillows pose risks of brain injuries

Health Canada reported that children who use a specific brand of neck pillow risk exposure to lead. According to health safety authorities, brain injuries are one of the consequences of lead exposure. A recall notice was issued for these U-shaped pillows manufactured in another country and sold in Ontario and other provinces.

Brain injuries a common result of vehicle accidents

Motorists in Ontario might find reports of a significant increase in serious car accidents in a neighbouring province alarming. This year may prove to have more severe and catastrophic auto accidents than in the last 10 years. Injuries include amputations, spinal cord damage that cause paralysis and brain injuries -- all of which are potentially life-changing.

Traumatic brain injuries cause concussions

Statistics show that more than 200,000 Canadians suffer concussions each year. Authorities say concussions are the primary cause of disability in Ontario and other provinces. Traumatic brain injuries cause them, and even if the victim does not lose consciousness, the trauma can still affect the brain. Some of the symptoms may escape recognition because they can be subtle.

Brain injuries: Alcohol consumption a problem for students

The desire for young women to be accepted into campus sororities in Ontario could have life-long consequences. The previous belief that the most critical time for brain development is during infancy has made way for research results that indicate differently. Alcohol consumption at any age could damage the brain. Brain injuries caused by accidents are not the only way in which the brain can be damaged.

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