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Car accident leaves 2 sisters with life-changing brain injuries

Car accidents in Ontario and across the country happen when they are least expected, and they can change the lives of families in the blink of an eye. Car accidents are responsible for a significant percentage of brain injuries each year. Such an accident occurred in another province on Dec. 27 when a family of five exited the highway and stopped at a red traffic light. A catastrophic accident occurred when another vehicle smashed into their stationary car.

Symptoms of brain injuries might be misunderstood

Sometimes, car accident injuries remain hidden for some time. Victims of brain injuries suffered nationwide, including Ontario, might misunderstand the symptoms, especially if there is no skull penetration. Any forceful blow to the body or head that shakes or jars the brain could cause cell damage or bruising of the brain or cause the brain tissue to tear or swell. The sooner doctors diagnose brain injuries, the sooner treatment can commence.

Brain injuries are a whole lot more serious than seeing stars

According to statistics, 452 people in Canada, including Ontario, suffer serious brain injuries each day. That equals one victim every three minutes. Many people play down the seriousness of brain injuries by using euphemisms like "seeing stars" and "getting your bell rung." However, the consequences are typically severe enough to prevent almost all brain injury victims from returning to their full-time employment.

Head trauma could cause concussion or serious brain injuries

According to statistics, brain trauma in Ontario and across Canada has become a significant societal and medical concern. Reportedly, the most affected age group is young adults. The type and severity of the impact or force suffered will determine the severity of the brain injuries. Furthermore, each person's brain injury is unique because it could affect multiple areas or only one area of the brain.

Social distancing makes brain injuries more challenging

For TBI victims in Ontario, being isolated while attempting to cope with post-concussion syndrome is tough. PCS is a condition that develops after repeated incidents of concussion or mild traumatic brain injuries. It typically involves complex psychological and physical hurdles, and having to cope while isolated poses additional challenges.

Brain injuries of van-attack survivor prevented nightmares

A 70-year-old woman who survived the Ontario van attack in April 2018 says the recent virtual court procedures were difficult. This is because the brain injuries she suffered at the time caused amnesia that left her with no memory of the actual accident. The court procedures made her understand why her journey since that day has been so difficult.

Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries

Although concussions are classified as mild brain trauma, the consequences can be life-changing. Various activities of people in Ontario could cause mild traumatic brain injuries. Causes include vehicle accidents, sports injuries and more. Concussion victims could recover relatively quickly. However, in some cases, it could take months or longer.

Health care worker suffered brain injuries in assault

Health care workers in Ontario might be aware of a case in another province in which a hospital patient was convicted on charges of assault on two health care workers. A nurse manager and a licensed practical nurse were the victims of the assault, and they suffered life-changing injuries. One victim's injuries included brain injuries.

Getting over brain injuries could require long-term therapy

A report by the McGill University Health Centre about its Critical Illness Recovery Program underscores how head trauma can change a victim's life. Victims of brain injuries in Ontario might be interested in a victim of such injuries in another province. A 54-year-old man landed in intensive care after taking a serious fall while riding his bicycle last July. He was in a coma from which he only awoke two weeks later, with no memory of what happened.

Brain injuries: Consequences can be temporary or permanent

When another person's negligence causes an accident that leaves a victim injured, it would only be natural for the injured person to want to hold someone responsible for financial and other damages. The Ontario civil justice system allows the filing of personal injury lawsuits. However, if the victim suffered head trauma, he or she might be wise not to rush with filing a claim. The reason is that the impact of brain injuries on the victim may not be immediately evident. The statute of limitations for filing personal injury claims in Ontario is two years from the date of discovering the full impact of the injuries.

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