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Canadian firm funds US research into pill for concussions

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Brain Injuries |

Our law firm regularly advocates for clients who have experienced brain injuries, ranging from mild to devastating, as the result of the negligence, recklessness or aggressive behavior of other people from motor vehicle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, sports mishaps, falls and more. We recently published a post about a study that looked at the link between childhood brain injury and adult symptoms in which we told readers that we will continue to provide information about brain injury research that could eventually help our clients in short- and long-term care. 

Calgary, Alberta-based Scythian BioSciences Inc., a research and development company, has partnered with medical researchers at the University of Miami (Florida) Miller School of Medicine to fund a $16 million five-year study to learn whether a pill with two compounds might successfully help to treat the symptoms of brain injury and concussion.

The two compounds are CBD, a cannabinoid hemp derivative, and an NMDA antagonist, a drug that acts on certain receptors associated with pain. The researchers hope the combined pill might help to relieve brain-injury symptoms like headaches, pain, brain-cell inflammation and more. 

The five-year study will start with animal research, followed by a small human pilot and finally a full three-year clinical trial. Researchers are hopeful that an actual therapeutic medication will be the result of this work that will effectively treat concussions and other brain injuries. 

Cutting-edge research into medical remedies for brain injury is important to our clients, both personally and medically, and to help us analyze what future treatments will look like in their lives so that we can fight for appropriate money damages to cover future costs of care in personal injury lawsuits.