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Toronto winter weather increases chances of car accidents

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Ontario drivers are preparing for the annual onslaught of winter weather. This year, experts are contemplating substantial lake effect snow that will impact road conditions for those in Toronto and surrounding areas, according to The Weather Network. 

The Network reports that because water temperatures in the Great Lakes are reaching record high levels for the season, the likelihood of significant snow storms will increase when arctic air finally moves into this area. This means Toronto-area drivers need to take these conditions seriously.

We recently posted a blog about how wintry conditions affect the responsibilities of property owners and others who control property to keep walkways and parking lots safe for those who frequent those areas so that they do not fall and risk injury. Likewise, when we all drive during winter months, we have the legal duty to slow down and adjust our driving practices so that we do not negligently or recklessly endanger others in icy, snowy or foggy conditions. 

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation provides winter driving advice for drivers in the province such as: 

  • Reduce speeds as conditions warrant.
  • Drive with increased alertness for danger.
  • Keep your vehicles well maintained, including a full washer fluid tank.
  • Watch the road reports and do not leave if dangerous conditions exist. Get off the road when warranted.
  • Do not tailgate; keep longer distances between your vehicle and those in front of you.
  • Put away your cell phone. Using it while driving in Ontario is illegal and dangerous. You are only allowed to use it to call 911 or you may use a hands-free device.
  • Watch for reflection on the pavement that could indicate ice.
  • Do not use cruise on anything but clear, dry roadway.
  • Stay well behind plows and do not attempt to pass them.
  • Do not accelerate quickly or brake hard.
  • Steer gently.
  • Be sure windows have been completely cleared of fog, ice and snow before moving. Carry a scraper and brush. 

If you are harmed in an accident because of someone’s negligent, reckless, aggressive or illegal driving practices, talk to a lawyer as soon as possible so that your lawyer can investigate the incident on your behalf and deal with insurance matters for you. Your lawyer will explore with you what legal remedies may be available to you such as a personal injury lawsuit.