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Brain injuries can have long-term consequences

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Being in a car accident is already a terrifying prospect for most people. Despite the best efforts of Ontario police forces, sometimes drivers still make bad decisions and end up hurting others, and what’s more, the nature of the justice system is such that these drivers are not always taken to task by criminal charges for these errors. This is why people who suffer from debilitating injuries, including brain injuries, must be given the opportunity to seek justice for the damages they suffer. 

Brain injuries do not always manifest immediately, but when they do, they can be devastating to the sufferer. People with brain injuries might suffer cognitive impairments, swelling of the brain leading to paralysis and a host of other conditions. This is true of other sorts of injuries as well, particularly spinal and muscular injuries that can lead to long-term pain and can even cripple people for good. 

While criminal charges might place an errant driver behind bars, rarely will such charges manifest support systems for the victims of vehicular crime. Many people who suffer from accident-related brain injuries do not get the help and financial support they need to live normal lives. This is why Ontario law allows for personal injury suits to be filed in civil court. 

Personal injury suits are filed using evidence of material contribution by a driver or drivers to accidents where serious injuries, like brain injuries, have been suffered. The complainant’s representation can review the facts of the case pursuant to Ontario law and can argue in favour of a settlement. This settlement can then be used to help support and provide quality of life to those who live with the pain of brain injuries

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