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Car accidents major cause of brain injuries

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Understanding the impact on the bodies of vehicle occupants may explain the severe consequences of many car accidents. It may be interesting for Ontario residents to learn that automobile accidents are responsible for a significant percentage of permanent brain injuries. Reportedly, crashes follow closely behind falls as primary causes of traumatic brain injury.

When a car pulls out in front of another one that is approaching at 40 mph, the collision will stop the vehicle from moving forward but not the body of the occupant. While the body continues forward at that speed, the seat belt should stop the momentum. If the person is not restrained, the body’s movement will likely be stopped when the head slams into the windshield. The head can also strike the steering wheel, the airbag or other parts of the vehicle.

Open head injuries are those in which the skull is penetrated, but brain injuries can also result from closed head injuries. Brain tissue can be torn or bruised, causing it to bleed or swell. This may require surgery to relieve swelling and/or stop the bleeding. If broken glass or another sharp object penetrates the brain, it could be fatal. However, even minor bumper-bashing accidents can cause whiplash; this is actually the most commonly suffered closed head injury, though it is often overlooked.

Many car accident victims do not realize that whiplash can cause even minor concussions, which can lead to long-term damage to memory, physical capacity and cognitive abilities. Mountains of medical expenses can result in the treatment of brain injuries, and victims may seek recovery by filing personal injury claims in an Ontario civil court. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help with establishing negligence and documenting the claims for financial and emotional losses to present to the court for inclusion if a monetary judgment is awarded.

Source: braininjuryinstitute.org, “Auto Accident”, Dec. 30, 2016

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