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Brain injuries: Choking on popcorn leads to suit against Cineplex

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

An Ontario man recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Cineplex. The man alleges the cinema chain is responsible for brain injuries and other permanent damage he suffered when he choked on popcorn in 2009. He claims the Ontario facility’s employees failed to take proper action when he struggled to breathe.

According to the complaint, the 28-year-old man claims he bought popcorn at the cinema, and when he choked, personnel failed to call for medical help and prevented him from getting help. This allegedly led to oxygen starvation and cardiac arrest. Further allegations state the Cineplex staff barred certified patrons from providing medical care, failed to interrupt the movie and allow the lights to be turned on and refused to call for assistance by emergency services.

Court documents indicate the man suffered serious injuries of a permanent nature, including brain injuries, hearing loss, scarring and severe cognitive damages. However, the defendant claims these are not all the facts about the case. It says emergency services were called and paramedics directed personnel in what to do until they arrived at the scene.

Fighting for recovery of damages is a complicated process, and some victims of brain injuries or other physical damages in Ontario choose to obtain the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer to navigate such claims for them. This biggest challenge will likely be to prove negligence on the part of another party. However, with the skills of a seasoned lawyer, an injured victim may receive monetary compensation for financial losses, such as medical expenses and lost income along with emotional damages like pain and suffering.

Source: ctvnews.ca, “Ontario man sues Cineplex, alleges staff didn’t help as he choked on popcorn“, Diana Mehta, Feb. 3, 2017