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Brain injuries affect victims and their families

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Some might think that famous people or celebrities who suffer traumatic injuries are not as severely affected as ordinary citizens are, while the truth is that such an injury can be devastating to anybody. In Ontario and elsewhere, the lifetime financial costs of brain injuries can add up to millions of dollars. While some victims may be able to establish alternative careers, others have to fight for every bit of relief that might ease their burdens.

A Hall of Fame football legend, the late Frank Gifford, suffered a brain injury that progressed gradually over a long and celebrated football career.  After his death, it was confirmed that he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. When he retired from the gridiron, he went on to a long and successful broadcasting career Well-known comedian, Tracy Morgan, suffered traumatic brain injuries in a crash with a Walmart vehicle. Ultimately, he reached an undisclosed settlement with Walmart and was able to resume his career, including a stint as hot of Saturday Night Live.

Many brain injury victims have moved on to alternative careers. All victims — regardless of their celebrity status — likely face emotional, physical and even financial difficulties in their post-injury lives. Brain injuries happen to people of all ages, and in many cases, they are caused by the negligence of another. Victims often perceive themselves as failures when they cannot return to a being productive members of their societies, with the consequences affecting them and their families.

Ontario families who have to cope with the implications of a loved one’s brain injuries might need help with pursuing financial relief. An experienced personal injury lawyer can assist with investigations to establish negligence on the part of the party or parties deemed responsible. Having skilled legal counsel to navigate a claim to recover past and future financial losses and emotional damages might secure an award that can make life a little easier.

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