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Assaulted student with brain injuries seeks student code change

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

After a brutal assault, a student had to cope with traumatic injuries that changed her life while her attacker was allowed to continue his studies. The young woman hopes to play a part in the change of the student code at McGill University. The institution says it could not take any action against the man because the attack that caused the girl’s brain injuries took place off campus. Regardless of the fact that this incident occurred in another province, students in Ontario face similar risks on and off campus.

The incident that changed life as she knew it happened on a day in Sept. 2015. Reportedly, she and another female student were on their way to a party, and they walked past some men who made lewd remarks. The women made it clear that they did not appreciate the vulgarity, and continued on their way to the party. Upon arrival, the one girl’s way was blocked at the door, and she recognised the accent of the man who made the earlier comments.

She agreed to have a conversation with him on the sidewalk, where they argued until he hit her with his fist to the side of her jaw (even though she says that her hands were behind her back). She said she had lost consciousness before she landed on the ground, smashing her head against the sidewalk. She woke up in the hospital and spent eight months in rehabilitation to relearn how to do the basics — very different to her life as a chemical engineering undergraduate student. Reportedly, the man who attacked her admitted to the facts in criminal court and is expected to formally convicted in May of assault causing bodily injury.

Many student attacks that occur nationwide cause serious financial, emotional and physical damages to victims. While some perpetrators are never criminally charged, victims will always have the right to pursue personal injury lawsuits through the Ontario civil justice system. The most logical step for a victim who suffered brain injuries to take is to seek the guidance and support of an experienced personal injury lawyer. With skilled legal counsel to advocate for the plaintiff, a court may award a monetary judgment in recovery of all financial and emotional damages.

Source: CBC News Montreal, “Student pleads for reform of McGill’s code of conduct after assault by fellow student“, Cecilia MacArthur, April 6, 2017