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Spectator suffers brain injuries when struck by discus

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

It is an unfortunate fact that precautions against traumatic injuries are often put in place only after somebody has suffered life-altering injuries. Ontario residents may be interested in a $350,000 settlement awarded to a spectator at a school’s athletics event in 2014. This underscores the fact that brain injuries are not limited to sports participation or car accidents.

The woman reportedly suffered traumatic brain injuries when a discus thrown by a student-athlete struck her in the head. The victim alleges she stood in the area allocated for visitors when the incident happened. She claimed the defendants failed to put up sufficient barriers to protect spectators. Furthermore, no warning signs were posted, nor were any verbal warnings issued.

The now 83-year-old woman apparently suffered traumatic brain injuries along with other serious personal injuries. Reportedly, the regulation discus that is typically used in boys’ competitions such as the one that the plaintiff attended weighs just under 1.6 kilogrammes. A district spokesperson in Nebraska says the spectator area at the facility has since been moved farther away to prevent similar incidents.

Any Ontario resident who is a victim of an accident resulting brain injuries is entitled to seek full financial accountability from those believed responsible for financial and emotional losses. However, establishing negligence could be challenging, and having an experienced personal injury lawyer in one’s corner certainly makes sense. A lawyer can advocate for the victim — whether in litigation or settlement negotiations. Successful presentation of a claim could lead to a monetary judgment to cover all documented damages.

Source: timesheraldonline.com, “Woman injured by discus at school track meet wins lawsuit“, April 13, 2017

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