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After 10 years, hospital admits negligence caused brain injuries

by | May 24, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

An Ontario family was recently awarded more than $5 million to compensate them for medical malpractice that took place 10 years ago. The court determined that an Ontario hospital covered up the wrongdoings of nurses that caused serious brain injuries to a child at birth. The girl, who is 10 years old now, is a twin whose birth was mishandled after her brother’s birth went smoothly.

Reportedly, the hospital finally admitted that negligence caused the girl neurological damages. Those damages include cerebral palsy, poor co-ordination, speech impairment, cognitive deficits and more. The court determined that the girl would need personal support for the remainder of her life and included that along with future income losses and more in the monetary award.

According to court documents, the mother was in labour upon her arrival at the hospital on a January morning in 2007. The little boy was born soon afterwards, but problems arose with the birth of the second twin. The on-call doctor was not present, and the nursing staff took it upon themselves to rupture the baby’s protective membrane, which allowed the draining away of the amniotic fluid. This apparently caused undue pressure on the umbilical cord that led to brain damage.

However, the hospital records covered up the nurses’ actions for years. Fortunately, with the skills of an experienced lawyer, justice can prevail, and although nothing can reverse the brain injuries this girl suffered, her parents will be able to take proper care of her for life. Any other Ontario families facing similar circumstances may seek the support and guidance of a lawyer who is experienced in navigating cases involving brain injuries.

Source: news.nationalpost.com, “Hospital falsified chart, denied wrongdoing for years in birth injury resulting in $5.2M award: documents“, Tom Blackwell, May 10, 2017