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The long-term impact of brain injuries of victims and families

by | May 5, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

The impact that TBI can have on a victim’s life — and the lives of his or her loved ones — are varied and often misunderstood. Many people in Ontario do not appreciate the overwhelming nature and scope of traumatic brain injuries. With the advance of medical technology and knowledge, breathing can now be controlled with respirators, and doctors have the ability to release the pressure of the intracranial fluid. The death rate from TBI is no longer as high as before, but the impact on the lives of survivors remains devastating.

TBI can be mild or severe, and even mild TBI can severely affect victims and those close to them. It is often entirely missed and not even diagnosed until much later because the symptoms are often delayed, and consciousness may be lost for minutes only — seeming insignificant. However, even if CAT and MRI scans show no abnormalities, victims can suffer from chronic headaches, attention deficits, frustration, mood swings and problems with memory and thinking processes.

Severe TBI typically results from consciousness for periods exceeding 30 minutes and frequently involves injuries that penetrated the skull. The consequences can include comatose states and cognitive impairments that may cause problems with language, memory, thinking and emotions along with a partial or total loss of leg and arm functions. Recovery depends on the severity of each injury, and the changes and modifications necessary to accommodate disabilities can cause financial ruin.

Any Ontario person who is a victim of brain injuries — regardless of the severity — has the right to seek the best possible legal counsel to assist with the pursuit for financial recovery of all damages. A personal injury lawyer can determine the value of a claim for emotional, medical and physical damages. A skilled lawyer can navigate a personal injury claim in a civil court with the aim of getting a monetary judgment that will cover all financial losses — past and future.

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