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Ontario brain injuries: Focus on awareness in June

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

It has been suggested that a silent epidemic is killing and disabling people in Ontario and across Canada. Brain injuries are reportedly the primary cause of deaths and disabilities in individuals younger than the age of 44. Men are apparently twice as likely to suffer brain injuries, though the recovery time is longer for women than for men.

June has been designated as Brain Injury Awareness Month. Brain injuries can result from any number of circumstances, including car accidents, sports events, assaults and other incidents that are noncongenital and nondegenerative. Even concussions are forms of mild traumatic brain injuries that can cause altered or reduced states of awareness. They can lead to impaired emotional, physical, cognitive and social functioning.

These consequences take their toll on the victims and their families along with support workers, caregivers and others who are involved in the recovery and neuro-rehabilitation of brain-injured victims. Unfortunately, drugs to cure brain injuries are not yet available. Many acquired brain injuries are actually caused by the negligence of others.

Victims of such incidents in Ontario can significantly benefit from the experience of a lawyer who is particularly skilled in handling claims to recover damages sustained by brain jury victims. Along with the lawyer’s abilities in the courtroom, he or she will likely have extensive experience in documenting the monetary damages that typically arise for victims of acquired brain injuries. The lawyer can help gather evidence to prove negligence, which a civil court will require before adjudicating any claims for financial and emotional losses.

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