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Recovery rate from brain injuries is unpredictable

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Whenever lawsuits are filed in Ontario civil courts to pursue recovery of damages in accidents, determining the future damages is a complex process. This particularly applies when the victim suffered brain injuries. While recovery is based partly on the severity of the injuries, many other matters play roles in the healing process.

Some victims of brain injuries show visible recovery within months, but for others, it may be a slow process that could take years for any improvement to be achieved. Researchers say the prediction of recovery from TBI remains rudimentary and unscientific. However, medical teams use some indicators for prognosis.

Shorter durations of comas typically indicate more positive prognosis than victims who remain in comas for long periods. The same applies for amnesia – the shorter the duration, the better the prospects of recovery. Apparently, age also plays an important role – patients under 2 years and older than 60 years of age show slower rates of recovery than those between those two ages – even for the same injuries.

Interesting discoveries include areas of the brain that were previously depressed but were linked to injured areas start functioning again, and the functions of injured areas are sometimes taken over by other uninjured areas. In some cases, behavioral changes lead to individuals learning strategies to compensate for newly caused limitations or deficits. The ways in which the brain recover from injuries are countless and unique to each victim.

When an Ontario person suffers brain injuries as the result of another individual’s negligence, the victim is entitled to pursue financial relief. However, in such cases the financial consequences can be long-term – or even life-long. For that reason the most appropriate person to approach for help might be a personal injury lawyer who focusses on fighting for the rights of those who suffered brain injuries. With experience in this field, the lawyer can prepare a realistic claim to present to the civil court, and if a monetary judgment is awarded, it might cover past and future needs.

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