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The classification of traumatic brain injuries

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Any person in Ontario can suffer a knock to the head at any time — whether in a car accident, slip- or trip-and-fall incident or another cause — and it is more common than what most people may believe. A significant percentage of accidental deaths every year are caused by brain injuries. These can result from jolts, blows or bumps to the head, and also injuries that penetrate the skull. Brain injuries can occur in any age group, and it can affect from newborn babies to elderly citizens.

The severity of brain injuries determine the classification — not all traumatic brain injuries cause death. The first type in the range is mild TBI. A victim can suffer a short period of unconsciousness — seconds or minutes — or they could suffer only confusion and dizziness. In many cases, scans and other tests appear normal. Concussions typically fall into this group.

Based on severity, the next category is moderate TBI. In this state, unconsciousness can last from minutes to hours, and that can be followed by days or weeks of confusion. The consequences of moderate TBI include physical, cognitive and behavioural impairments that could be permanent or improve after months. Many victims who see no recovery learn to compensate for their disabilities.

Severe traumatic brain injuries typically result from piercing head injuries, severe crushing or fractures of the skull — although serious closed injuries can also cause severe TBI. Intensive rehabilitation after extended hospitalisation is often required, and although wounds may heal, the damage caused by severe TBI may be permanent. A victim’s thinking, memory and personality can be affected, and this could lead to depression that may also affect loved ones. If TBI resulted from another party’s negligence, an experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer might provide the necessary support and guidance to pursue financial relief.

Source: bisociety.org, “Traumatic Brain Injuries Lead to Death and Disability”, Jacob Masters, Accessed on July 12, 2017

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