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Traumatic brain injuries can create emotional rollercoaster

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Car accidents in Ontario can cause catastrophic injuries, many of which have life-altering consequences. Traumatic brain injuries can be extremely difficult to understand because they are not visible but can devastate victims and their families. Along with the effects these injuries have on a victim’s memory, thinking, communication and sensations, they also play a significant role in his or her emotional stability.

Depression is one of the most common aftereffects of brain injuries because victims are suddenly unable to take part in sports, a favourite hobby or other activities that formed part of their lives before the injuries. In many cases, depression only occurs when cognitive-behaviour therapy ends, which could be some years after the accident. Victims may feel worthless and lose interest in life. Post-traumatic stress disorder is also a common condition after a TBI accident.

The emotions a brain injury victim experiences can lead to personality changes — particularly if the frontal lobe of the brain was damaged. This can cause a lack of self-control and prevent proper reasoning and decision-making. It can also result in mood swings that could exacerbate emotional outbursts, which could make life difficult for loved ones and others interacting with the victim. Added to all these emotional ups and downs, there may be anxiety and moments of aggression.

Putting a value on the losses suffered by a victim of traumatic brain injuries is an arduous task. However, to pursue coverage of future costs related to medical and emotional care, along with environmental changes to accommodate any disabilities, an experienced lawyer’s services will be required. A lawyer who is focused on fighting for the rights of Ontario victims of TBI can help navigate a personal injury lawsuit through the civil justice system.

Source: bisociety.org, “Emotional Affects of Brain Injury”, Jacob Masters, June 27, 2017

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