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Living with memory loss caused by brain injuries

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Everybody knows how frustrating it can be to forget something. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to live with memory loss every single day. Anybody in Ontario who has suffered brain injuries may know how challenging it can be to cope with dysfunctional short term memory. This is one of the most prevalent consequences of traumatic brain injuries.

The human memory system works via four types of memory centres that encode, store and recall information. Life events are captured in the episodic memory, and facts that are learned are stored in the semantic memory section of the brain. Then there is the procedural memory that helps a person to remember how things are done, and memories to remind a person of the things that will need doing in the future are stored in the prospective memory.

The prospective memory stores most of the short term memories, and this is the type many victims of brain injuries never regain. While many memory rehabilitation centres can help memory loss victims, they are costly and not affordable for many. Those victims have to write down their daily routines and check every item as it is done — each and every day. For things to remember in the future they cannot live without diaries and journals and memorizing names, faces, places and directions can cause nightmares.

While it is true that a victim of brain injuries that resulted from another person’s negligence can pursue financial recovery by filing a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court, how does one determine a value to claim? This seems an impossible endeavour if the person does not know whether the condition will last forever. For this and other reasons, many victims in Ontario choose to utilize the skills of a personal injury lawyer with a special interest in helping victims of brain injuries to recover the maximum compensation from the party or parties deemed responsible for their injuries.

Source: bisociety.org, “TBI and Memory Loss: Coping Strategies”, Jacob Masters, Accessed on July 21, 2017

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