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Innovative Bauer Sports Gear Aims To Reduce Brain Injuries

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A new piece of sports equipment has been designed specifically to reduce brain injuries in athletes. Bauer Hockey – a Canadian sports apparel brand – will begin selling the product, which studies have shown restricts movement around the brain after heavy impact to the head.

Known as the Bauer Neuroshield collar, it can be worn with or without a helmet. The collar is meant to be used in conjunction with other protective sports gear, such as neck guards and shoulder pads.

How Does The Collar Work?

  • The collar is worn around the neck.
  • It applies low pressure to the area based on the impact.
  • The pressure mildly increases the volume of blood in certain structures around the brain.
  • The mild increase in blood pressure restricts specific areas of the brain, such as sensitive nerve fibers, from hitting the inside of the skull during impact.

The effect is similar to the pressure applied to the neck when a person is lying down, or when yawning.

Is The Collar Safe?

According to the Canadian Newswire, the collar was tested on a number of athletes over the course of a sports season for effectiveness and effect on physical performance. The results, conducted in partnership by the creators – research and development company Q3 Innovations LLC and NorthShore University Health System Neurological Institute in the United States – were positive.

Advanced imaging of the brain showed no major structural changes to the brain versus scans of athletes who did not wear the collar. The studies showed the collar did not impact an athlete’s performance in the field. In its press release, Bauer Hockey notes the product only aims to reduce injuries to the brain, not to prevent concussions.

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