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Coach stops game after 9 football players suffer brain injuries

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

With more and more information becoming available about the damage young people can suffer during sports activities, Ontario parents might applaud the actions of a high school football coach in another province. When nine players showed concussion symptoms like headaches and vomiting at halftime of one game, they were rushed to a hospital, and the coach suspended the game to prevent further brain injuries. A researcher linked to the Canadian Concussion Collaborative agrees with the decision of the coach.

An injury prevention coordinator also agrees and says there is a need for a lot more to be done. Not only must teachers, parents and coaches become more aware of the symptoms and signs that indicate concussion but also the phases of recovery that must be tailored to the unique needs of each player. A physiotherapist who works with varsity sports says concussion at a young age can have long-term consequences.

However, all these authorities agree that preventative steps can be taken. They say children ages 12 through 16 are incredibly vulnerable because that is the time during which the body corrects proportion disparities. Any contact sports can cause harm — alpine skiing, cheerleading, basketball and other sports involve body contact where force can be transmitted to the head.

When Ontario parents entrust their children to the care of facilities such as schools or clubs, they also entrust their safety to the coaches and teachers. If a child suffers brain injuries because those in charge were negligent, the parents may seek financial relief to help them cope with medical expenses and the potential costs of long-term treatment and related financial losses. Proving negligence in such claims might be best accomplished by relying upon the expertise of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Source: CBC News New Brunswick, “‘More needs to be done’ about concussions in school sports, experts say“, Ben Silcox, Oct. 16, 2017

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