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Special Education Adds Up After A Brain Injury

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

After the initial medical attention and costs of convalescence, brain injury sufferers may incur additional expenses as they try to move on with their lives. Something as simple as going to school can create a burden, as one Ontario family recently discovered.

According to a recent story on CBC.ca, the Skinner family’s youngest son, was struck by a car when he was four-years-old. He sustained a permanent head injury due to frontal lobe damage to his brain. Afterwards, the process to enroll the child in school turned into a very stressful journey for the family.

The Struggle

The Skinners have been through a number of schools, trying to find the right fit for their son. But each time, they were met with a roadblock. Some schools did not have the resources to help their son with his disability. Others argued he posed a threat to other students (as part of his condition, the child is prone to some physical outbursts). The Skinners eventually found a program that was beneficial to their family. However, the mother had to rent a place in the district to qualify for enrollment. This solution worked for a while, but unfortunately, there was not enough funding for the program to continue.

The Skinners have since found another school that helps students with behavioural and physical ailments. It’s not ideally suited for brain injury sufferers, but it’s the best option at present. They say they will never stop trying to improve the quality of life for their son, and hope they find a school that has a program aimed at children with cognitive disabilities.

The Costs Of Quality Of Life

While this is a specific case, it’s not uncommon for people who have suffered brain injuries to face similar difficulties when trying to get back to their normal routine. Costs like special education programs and moving to different locations are all expenses that you may not have anticipated while recovering from your injuries.

A personal injury law firm that focuses on brain injury cases can help you determine what quality of life means to your situation. When pursuing compensation, a lawyer can provide you with advice and support on how to evaluate long-term consequences as a result of the accident and pinpoint a fair value for the loss of quality of life.