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Brain injuries can force families to sacrifice financial security

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Life can present unanticipated curves that can yank the rug from under families and force them to face an entirely different lifestyle. Most people in Ontario will not be prepared for the consequences of themselves or their loved ones suffering traumatic or acquired brain injuries. When it happens as the result of another person’s negligence, skilled legal counsel will be invaluable.

The lives of brain injury victims and their families will be distorted from the moment of the incident and will never return to what they knew as normal. There will likely be months or years of rehabilitation for the victim while his or her family may spend as long to get the necessary funding to optimize recovery. Insurance providers will need assessments of the disability before authorizing the financing, but bureaucratic stumbling blocks may delay that process.

In the meantime, the patient and his or her loved ones will experience incredible levels of stress about losing valuable rehabilitation time and coping with other living expenses. A brain injured victim will need not only physical therapy but also rehabilitation to regain cognitive abilities. He or she might have to relearn skills such as reading, spelling, writing and other communication skills. The sooner treatment starts, the higher the chances of improvement.

Furthermore, a spouse or child suffering brain injuries sometimes forces families to sacrifice financial security, which can put unbearable stress on relationships and marriages. Fortunately, help is available from an Ontario law firm with extensive experience in dealing with brain injury cases. The lawyer can not only put the family in contact with the best medical caregivers, but he or she can handle dealings with the insurance providers and pursue recovery of damages by navigating a civil lawsuit against the person who caused the incident.

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