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Brain Injuries affect victims and caregivers alike

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Most people in Ontario might find it difficult to imagine being a competent, healthy person one day, and having to relearn to walk, talk, eat, and more the following day. That is what brain injuries do to people, and authorities say TBI is an epidemic in Canada. In many cases a victim’s injuries resulted from another party’s negligence, and recovering all the damages caused is almost impossible.

Brain injuries can follow car accidents, sports injuries, falls, alcohol-related causes and physical abuse. The effects of TBI can be devastating and extensive. Cognitive, physical, behavioural and emotional levels are typically damaged, and the victim’s brain functions can be disrupted. This usually brings about forgetfulness, confusion, headaches, behavioural and emotional imbalances such as depression. Many brain injury victims suffer detrimental and long-lasting effects.

Caregivers — often family members — are also subjected to high levels of trauma and distress because a loved one’s TBI can affect the lives of all those who are around him or her. It is particularly hard for family members when their loved one has cognitive and behavioural impairments. Along with the financial costs of such a patient, the human and emotional costs can make circumstances overwhelming for caregivers.

If brain injuries were caused by the negligence of another party, financial relief might be pursued by filing a civil lawsuit against the person deemed responsible. However, for people who have never dealt with a TBI victim, it would be challenging to determine his or her future needs for documented claims to present to the court. This is where the skills of an Ontario lawyer who is experienced in dealing with brain injury claims can be invaluable. A lawyer can navigate the personal injury lawsuit and provide advice related to the claims for past and future damages.

Source: personalhealthnews.ca, “The Epidemic Of Traumatic Brain Injuries In Canada”, Richard J. Riopelle, Suzanne McKenna, Daniel C. Andreae, Accessed on Nov. 17, 2017

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