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Brain injuries might be spotted sooner with new device

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

An Ontario entrepreneur was inspired by Rowan’s Law to develop a device to detect concussions in hockey players and other sports people. She wants any signs of brain injuries to be identified sooner than relying on spotters or other methods. This law was unanimously passed after a 17-year-old Ottawa rugby player suffered a concussion and was then sent back onto the field too soon. He suffered a second blow to the head and died a week later.

The entrepreneur says 90 percent of concussions are never reported. This leaves a significant number of people with undiagnosed and untreated brain injuries, and many of these are youths for whom no records are available of prior concussions. She also says the growing trend of wearable devices with technology that enables instant wireless transmissions helped her to develop a monitor that athletes can wear behind their one ear.

The device attaches to the skull’s bony part and detects any signs of the brain impacting on the inner skull. It is equipped with a chip that monitors any head and brain movement which is instantly measured and reported. The device measures all movements because concussion does not only occur when the head is hit. The developer predicts this device will revolutionize the determination of concussions on the sports fields of Canada.

While this might be true in the future, current risks of brain injuries remain a significant concern. Ontario parents who believe a child’s brain injuries resulted from the negligence of a coach or another responsible adult may have questions about their grounds for legal action to pursue recovery of damages. Answers can be obtained from a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in dealing with cases that involve this type of injury.

Source: guelphmercury.com, “Changing the game for concussions“, Bob Vrbanac, Nov. 7, 2017

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