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Living with traumatic brain injuries

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

Following a head injury, life may never be the same — not for the victim nor his or her loved ones. Although it is possible to recover damages through the Ontario civil justice system if brain injuries were cause by another party’s negligence, victims are hardly ever able to anticipate the full extent of their losses at the time of the lawsuit. The physical and mental effects may continue to affect the victim’s life long after the injury was suffered, and new symptoms could even develop.

Frequent headaches may develop into chronic pain, making it difficult to function, and it might be tough to learn new things or even remember something that recently happened because of impaired thinking skills. Communication can become challenging, especially when there is a group of people present — both expressing him or herself and understanding what others are saying can cause confusion. This might lead to emotional changes including anxiety and depression, and sleep patterns could be disrupted.

Sadly, some brain injury victims turn to alcohol or drugs to help them cope with these changes. The incident that caused the brain injuries can also cause post-traumatic stress disorder, and along with the damage done to the brain, the person may relive the trauma of an accident over and over again. This may cause the victim to withdraw from others for fear of safety. If the victim was a child, he or she may also suffer developmental problems.

Because it is difficult to anticipate life after traumatic brain injuries, some victims choose to utilize the services of an experienced Ontario lawyer who is particularly familiar with brain injury cases to navigate civil lawsuits for them. Such a lawyer can help with documenting the claims for damages that will be presented to the court for adjudication. His or her understanding could help in the preparation of a strong case to get maximum compensation to potentially make life easier after such serious injuries.

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