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Mountie awarded over $700,000 for on-the-job brain injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Brain Injuries |

On Feb. 15, 2011, a police officer who headed up a Royal Canadian Mountie Police detachment’s drug unit in another province was involved in a motor vehicle crash. He also played a role in undercover investigations across the country, including in Ontario. On that day he was heading to a secret drop location when a collision caused him to suffer brain injuries. The events of that day ultimately led to a court recently awarding him more than $700,000 in monetary damages.

Reportedly, the accident occurred when a tractor pulled onto the road without yielding, directly into the path of the undercover van he drove. The impact apparently caused his vehicle to roll, and the driver was later found unconscious in the van. However, it was determined that the speed of the van exceeded the limit of 50 km/h in that zone, contributing to the cause of the crash.

The 61-year-old Mountie retired as a sergeant from the RCMP last year. He says he had been living with fatigue and headaches since the accident, in which he also suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. A Supreme Court Justice ruled that he would have continued working as a Mountie had it not been for the accident. She found him partly responsible for the crash and awarded him $708,000 which included loss of income and pain and suffering.

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