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Traumatic brain injuries are exactly that — traumatic

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

Many injuries follow acute events, and although they may be severe, most injuries heal eventually. Brain injuries also follow such incidents, but they are often life-changing. People in Ontario who have loved ones that suffered traumatic brain injuries will know that there is a perfect reason for brain injuries to be called traumatic. It is because the consequences of these injuries are typically extremely traumatic for the victim and his or her friends and family.

Brain injuries can cause the abrupt change of what a person perceives as a normal life. While other injuries may puncture a lung or fracture a leg, brain injuries do not only cause the limited use of a particular body part for a limited time until the wound is healed. Instead, it may change the victim’s personality and all aspects of his or her life, possibly forever.

Every brain injury is unique, and similar injuries could have contrasting consequences for different victims. Most frequently, brain injuries do not heal, but functional recovery may occur. Some people suffer immediate symptoms of TBI while others are at first unaware that they have suffered brain injuries, and symptoms may appear over time in the aftermath of an accident. The injury could even become apparent weeks or days later.

Victims of traumatic brain injuries that resulted from the negligence of another party may pursue financial relief through the Ontario civil justice system. However, not only could it be challenging to establish negligence but also to determine the value of non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide assistance that might result in a monetary judgment that will cover past and future losses — both financial and emotional.

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