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Brain injuries can be challenging for victims and loved ones

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

There is no organ in the body of any human that is as powerful and complex as the brain. A healthy brain is necessary to think, breathe, interact, move and make decisions throughout every person’s daily life. Brain injuries can happen in the blink of an eye — often causing significant changes to the lives of victims. Reportedly, an estimated half a million traumatic brain injury victims live in Canada, including Ontario.

All age groups can suffer TBI, but authorities say those who are very young or very old are most vulnerable. In many cases, TBI effects are invisible, and people tend to misunderstand the impact it can have on a victim. Examples are individuals who talk and walk normally but have memory problems or difficulty with organizing their thoughts. Others may struggle with controlling impulses and may tend to suffer mood swings or become argumentative.

Many TBI victims cannot cope with going back to work because of these challenges. They could experience feelings of uselessness that may cause anxiety and depression. Sadly, this sometimes leads to substance abuse, making it tough for loved ones and friends to remain supportive.

Victims of brain injuries in Ontario may be overwhelmed by the financial consequences. These could be much more than medical expenses because there may be therapy required, and the inability to return to work may add additional hardship. If the negligence of another party caused the brain injuries, an experienced personal injury lawyer might be able to assist with the pursuit of damage recovery in a civil lawsuit.

Source: personalhealthnews.ca, “Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury”, Corinne Kagan, Accessed on Feb. 16, 2018

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