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Damage recovery re brain injuries can be challenging

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

While head injuries are typically associated with auto accidents and contact sports, other causes exist. Falls make up a significant percentage of brain injuries that occur in Ontario every year. Following a recent incident, a truck driver is being kept in an induced coma to allow swelling on his brain to subside.

The victim is a 61-year-old with more than four decades of trucking experience who was delivering a load at a mould-making company when he fell off the trailer. Reportedly, he helped with the off-loading of a load that he brought from south of the border. Along with a collapsed lung and broken ribs, the six-foot fall apparently caused a fracture to his skull as well as swelling and bruising of his brain. A tube is apparently draining fluid to reduce pressure, and doctors are unsure of his prognosis when — and if — he wakes up.

While this will likely be treated as a workplace injury, the victim might have suffered a permanent disability. Another complication may be the fact that, although he lives in Ontario, his employer is in Michigan. Along with the uncertainty and financial problems the injured man’s wife is experiencing already, determining the best way to proceed to pursue financial relief might present additional challenges.

The most logical step might be to consult with an Ontario lawyer who is experienced in dealing with cases involving brain injuries. The lawyer can assess the circumstances of the incident that caused the injuries to determine whether any third party’s negligence might have caused or contributed to the fall. The lawyer can then suggest the most appropriate way to proceed in pursuit of maximum compensation when there are grounds for a civil lawsuit.

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