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What are different types and causes of acquired brain injuries?

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

Different causes for brain damages exist. For Ontario residents, confusion is sometimes caused concerning ABI and TBI. Acquired brain injuries are those that were not inherited, degenerative, congenital or caused by trauma at birth. Therefore, any brain injuries suffered after birth are acquired injuries and classified as mild, moderate or severe. Any brain injury is serious, regardless of its classification.

TBI alters or disrupts the normal functions of the brain, and the level of the effect on brain functions determines the classification of the injury. Although it does not decrease the victim’s intelligence level, it can reduce the person’s ability to function as before the injury. One of the causes of TBI is trauma ,which can follow penetration, crushed, open or closed skull injuries.

A blocked artery or bleeding due to an aneurysm can cause a stroke, which is also a type of ABI. This can follow oxygen deprivation of as little as three minutes in events such as near drowning, suspension or hanging, and respiratory or cardiac arrest, which can cause damage to the brain. Brain or brain membrane infections can damage cells, and the development of a brain tumour can compress or consume surrounding brain cells. Sometimes, surgery may be required to stop seizures or remove tumours, and unavoidable damage may be done to the functioning of the brain.

Fortunately, almost all acquired brain injuries are preventable. However, parents, coaches and teachers must equip themselves with the necessary training and equipment and — perhaps most importantly — awareness and the knowledge to identify symptoms of TBI. Victims of brain injuries that were caused by the negligence of others, or parents whose children suffered TBI during school or sports activities, may pursue financial relief. Proving negligence in a personal injury lawsuit may be easier to achieve with the help of an Ontario lawyer who is experienced in fighting for the rights of brain injury victims.

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