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Concern over brain injuries due to repeated concussions

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

Studies to determine the damage done by head injuries suffered by athletes have mostly been conducted after their deaths. Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario changed that. They studied retired football players for the effects of brain injuries caused by repeated concussions. Their findings followed a significant range of tests and sophisticated scanning of the brains of the subjects.

One researcher labelled the results as shocking. Reportedly, the brains of ex-football players looked like those of people in their 80s even though they were only in their 40s. Furthermore, the mass of the area of the brain that contains billions of nerve cell bodies in the former players proved to be 20 per cent less than in the average individual. The researchers also reported that the results were similar to those typically found during tests of coma patients.

The safety of football and other contact sports is questioned. The results of the study gave rise to critical concerns about long-term damage. Many children get involved in contact sports from young ages, and the number of times they suffer concussions over the years of repeated knocks to their heads can cause severe damage.

Ontario parents might share the concerns of the researchers. Of course, sports coaches and teachers are responsible for the safety of children who are left in their care. If a child suffers brain injuries that can be attributed to the negligence of an adult in charge, the parents might have grounds to pursue recovery of damages through the civil justice system. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help determine the viability of a particular claim and represent the client’s interests throughout any ensuing legal proceedings.

Source: thespec.com, “Preview: Disturbing findings in Spec concussion series“, Steve Buist, Accessed on March 2, 2018

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