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Child Safety Tips For Summer Activities

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

As another school year winds down, the summer months could mean hours of outdoor play for your child. It’s important to remember that when a child is having fun, he or she may not remember to put safety first.

As parents and guardians, it’s important to identify the safety risks involved in any summer sports and activities children engage in. According to Health Canada, a child’s skull can fracture on an impact going as little as 7 kilometers/hour.

Children Are High At Risk For A Head Injury

A child’s skull is only around 1 centimetre thick, and can be fractured very easily. Something as simple as bike riding puts a child faster than 7km/h. If they fall without a helmet, they could risk suffering a brain injury or other traumatic head injury.

If your child has been hurt while playing sports or other outdoor activities, consult a personal injury lawyer. You may be entitled to immediate accident benefits and compensation.

Tips For Safer Summer Play:

Here are some tips you can use to reduce the likelihood of any severe damage or harm to children while they are at play:

  • Choose The Right Activity. Make sure a child knows how to play a game or participate in a new activity properly. Younger kids may not understand the technique, rules or possess the appropriate motor skills to participate in certain sports, which could lead to injuries. Make sure the activity is age and skill appropriate.
  • Be prepared. Wear the right protective gear, such as helmets and padding. Use the right gear, such as proper balls and running shoes. Also, warm up before any practice or game. Children can be more prone to injury if they haven’t properly warmed up their muscles.
  • Hydration and sunscreen. Another important tip is to stay hydrated. Have water ready before and during the game. Also, as many activities take advantage of the warmer weather, make sure that sunscreen is applied before going outside. Remember to reapply as needed.
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