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Brain injuries will affect normal schedules and responsibilities

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

A non-profit organization recently hosted a workshop in Toronto to help head-injury victims to understand why self-care is essential during the recovery time. An occupational therapist said those who suffered brain injuries typically find it extremely challenging to get their lives back into a familiar routine. She emphasized that each brain injury is unique, and recovery times vary. However, because TBI is mostly invisible to others, adults and adolescents are often expected to get back into their usual schedules and responsibilities.

A journalist who attended the workshop shared her struggle to recover after she suffered a brain injury a year ago. She says she received an accidental blow to her jaw at the gym and did not realize that she had suffered a concussion until she began experiencing a variety of symptoms. These included migraines, brain fog, problems focusing and concentrating, memory loss, nausea, and vomiting.

The woman explained how difficult it was to find community support during that difficult time. The therapist said that any impact or blow to the neck or head could cause the brain to be jostled inside the skull. She said any incident on a sports field, in a car accident or a fall that causes the person to see stars and lose consciousness — even for a moment — indicates a possible concussion. The way a person behaves, acts and feel is controlled by the brain, and any injury can affect these actions.

While recovery from brain injuries is possible, it may take long-term therapy before life returns to normal. Dealing with medical bills and potential lost income can cause even more anxiety. If another person caused an injury, the victim might have grounds to pursue financial relief. An experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer can determine the viability of a civil lawsuit and then assist throughout ensuing legal proceedings in pursuit of recovery of economic and emotional damages.

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