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Post-traumatic amnesia — a typical consequence of brain injuries

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

The severity of damage caused in accidents is not always immediately evident. This also applies to brain injuries, of which the level of damage depends on the area of the brain that is injured along with the severity of the swelling that happens. Although doctors in Ontario and elsewhere rely on tests like EEGs and CT Scans to determine the damage done to the brain, they can never predict how long a patient will take to recover.

Doctors who use the Glasgow Coma Scale to measure the severity of brain injuries also consider the length of the period of post-traumatic amnesia experienced by the patient. Also called PTA, this is a challenging time for brain injury victims because they are unable to maintain concentration until something is committed to their memory. PTA is a period of acute confusion due to cognitive impairment, which includes difficulty with concentration, remembering, thinking and perception.

The length of time it takes for brain injuries to recover depends on various aspects. These include the type of brain injury and its severity along with the period of time that the patient spent in a coma after suffering the injury. The age of the patient and his or her general health will also play a role. However, the typical prognosis follows the principle of longer rehabilitation times, and increased chances of remaining disabilities usually follow more severe injuries with extended periods of unconsciousness.

The fact that recovery times after brain injuries are so unpredictable makes it extremely difficult to pursue damage recovery if another party’s negligence caused the injuries. For that reason, many victims in Ontario choose to utilize the skills of a personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience in fighting for the rights of brain injury victims. Such a lawyer may be best equipped to estimate future financial and emotional damages along with those already sustained.

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