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Caring for a loved one with brain injuries takes a heavy toll

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

Some types of injuries after Ontario accidents affect not only the victims but also those who provide care — often a spouse, a parent or even an adult child if the injured party is a parent. Brain injuries, for example, affect everyone around the victim because caring for that person could be extremely demanding and stressful. Caring for a loved one adds to the caregiver’s usual responsibilities, and while it might be manageable at first, stress can build up, and the lack of breaks can lead to emotional exhaustion.

Stress typically develops from thoughts of how much must be done, how little time is available and the consequences of not doing what has to be done correctly. The accumulation of stress can leave the care provider feeling out of control of his or her own life, reducing the quality of life, which could also cause health problems. Common stress symptoms include headaches, sleep disorders, fatigue and memory problems.

In some cases, stress and anxiety cause a preoccupation with what must be done that is so distracting it might lead to dangerous driving and eating disorders such as eating too much or not enough. It could reduce productivity and impair motivation, and the combination of all these could harm relationships. Excessive stress sometimes causes withdrawal from other family members.

The toll that caring for a loved one with brain injuries takes might be reduced by seeking maximum compensation through the civil justice system of Ontario if another party’s negligence caused the injuries. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings. The successful presentation of a lawsuit could result in a monetary judgment that might provide funds to purchase equipment and other devices to ease caring for the TBI victim. Compensation might even cover the cost of a hired care provider to lessen the load on the shoulders of the family member.

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